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Religious Instruction
Christian Service
Mass and Sacraments
Campus Ministry


Aquinas offers a variety of extracurricular activities. Our award-winning programs are viewed as an extension of the classroom. We encourage each student to participate in extra-curricular as we believe this helps them become connected to their school.  We are proud of our students' achievements.

Christian Service


Aquinas High School students serve community needs through the National Honor Society and IMPACT, a student-created and student-led service organization. 


Aquinas High School students donate more than 7,500 hours of community service annually.


  • Agencies & Causes Benefitted:

  • Wafer

  • Salvation Army

  • Casa Hogar Orphanage (Peru)

  • Santa Cruz Mission (Bolivia)

  • La Crosse Area YMCA

  • La Crosse County Elderly Nutrition Program

  • Boys & Girls Clubs

  • Catholic Charities

  • Children's Museum

  • Riverfront

  • Goodwill

  • American Red Cross

  • Clare Bridge Cottage

  • La Crosse Life Chain

  • Birthright

  • Place of Grace

  • Mothers Club International

  • Catholic Relief Services

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • and more....

"In My Name" Award

In the spring of 2011, Catholic Charities of La Crosse awarded IMPACT, Aquinas High School's student-led service organization with the "In My Name" Award.  This annual award honors the individual and organization that have worked substantially to promote social justice and meet the needs of others in their community.


National Catholic High School Honor Roll

In 2008 and 2009, Aquinas High School was named one of the top 50 Catholic high schools in the nation.  The Acton Institute awards this distinction to schools that best promote academic achievement, Catholic identity, and civic education. 


Mass & Sacraments

Weekly Mass
10:00 am on Wednesday


The Aquinas High School chapel is open throughout the day for reflection and prayer as well as optional daily morning liturgies.

Reconciliation is celebrated during the seasons of Advent and Lent.  Aquinas High School students may also receive the sacrament from the Chaplain during designated hours or upon request.

Special Masses
An All-School Mass is held for all students of Aquinas Catholic Schools on the Feast Day of St. Thomas Aquinas (January 28).

The Golden Mass is celebrated by the middle and high school students on the last day of school before Christmas.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry at Aquinas High School is seen both as a symbol and a service. As a symbol, the office of Campus Ministry stands for the willingness and commitment of the entire school, faculty, administration, and staff to care for and engage students in the process of Christian growth through personal care and contact.

As a service, the office of Campus Ministry co-ordinates the following activities on behalf of the entire school:

  • Liturgy planning including the program for developing Extraordinary Ministers of Communion.

  • A celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

  • Retreats both in school and off campus.

  • Community building activities.

  • Vocation education.

  • Coordination of service projects.

Religious Instruction

The Theology Department of Aquinas High through informational and formational experience strives to teach the message of Jesus and His Church by nurturing the faith of our students and promoting a ministry of service based on charity and justice. Our Religion curriculum begins with the foundation of faith, centering on Scripture, Catholic Tradition, history, and the basic Catholic devotions. It includes Christian morality and vocational discernment as applied to the important personal and social issues of our time.

OLD TESTAMENT     1/2 Credit     Grade 9     Required
This course will introduce the students to the Word of God through reading and study of the Old Testament. Students will better understand the stories, literary style, cultural context, historical setting and theological meaning of the Old Testament. Through active explorations, students develop an understanding of our faith tradition.

NEW TESTAMENT     1/2 Credit     Grade 9     Required
This course is a survey of the New Testament. Students will become familiar with the content, structure and message of the New Testament. The style and themes of the four evangelists will be reviewed, the message of St. Paul will be studied through his epistles and the story of the apostles found in the "Acts of the Apostles" will be examined. This course provides an opportunity to read New Testament Scriptures and gain a better understanding of the Catholic Church and her founder, Jesus Christ.

CHURCH HISTORY     1/2 Credit     Grade 10     Required
This course helps students to understand and appreciate Catholic heritage. It examines the developments, people and events that have shaped the Church. Students will gain an appreciation of the continuing work of the Holy Spirit through the Church.

SACRAMENTS     1/2 Credit     Grade 10     Required
This course will consider the sacramental life of the Church as a means by which Catholic Christians seek their ultimate goal, union with God. The course begins with a general consideration of the sacraments as signs given by Christ to impart grace. Each sacrament will be discussed, focusing on its history, its symbols and rituals, and the realities of human life it sanctifies.

CHRISTIAN MORALITY     1/2 Credit     Grade 11     Required
This course invites students to learn about, reflect on and positively embrace a life rooted in authentic Gospel virtues. Focusing on Scripture and primary Church documents, the students are introduced to basic principles of Catholic morality and moral decision-making, which are then applied to contemporary moral issues.

THEOLOGY OF JUSTICE AND PEACE     1/2 Credit     Grade 11     Required
Throughout its history, the Catholic Church has attempted to transform the world, "to live Jesus' message." This course will provide students with an opportunity to explore topics in social justice as they occur within society. Using Scripture and the documents of the Roman Catholic Church, students will discuss the Christian response to such issues.

CHRISTIAN VOCATIONS     1/2 Credit     Grade 12     Required
Through marriage, priesthood, consecrated life and the single life, one can respond to God's call to service and community. This course explores the various vocations and discusses how one might respond to the command of Jesus to love all people.

CATHOLICISM REVISITED     1/2 Credit     Grade 12     Required
An adult Catholic needs a solid foundation in order to live through the challenges of today and tomorrow with faith, hope and love. This course studies our beliefs as Catholics and how we apply these beliefs to our daily life's decisions.

CHRISTIAN VOCATIONS HONORS     1/2 Credit     Grade 12     Elective
Prerequisites: Grade of "AB" or higher in Junior Religion & approval of present Religion Teacher
This course will involve the basic outline of the regular Christian Vocations course with a greater level of informed classroom discussion, additional readings and writing assignments.

ROAD TO HOLINESS HONORS     1/2 Credit     Grade 12     Elective
Prerequisites: Grade of "AB" or higher in Junior Religion & approval of present Religion Teacher
The call to holiness is one of the most compelling teachings handed down to us from the Second Vatican Council. This course will explore the essence of sanctity, how it is attained and provides students sufficient direction to enable a successful journey towards eternal life in Heaven with God.

CATHOLICISM     1/2 Credit     Elective
This course will include an in depth study of our Catholic faith, its doctrines, history and practices. A discussion of important saints will also be part of this course.

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