The purpose of the Aquinas Middle School Athletic Program is to provide an opportunity for students to explore their potential, learn team play, and enjoy the spirit of competition.  The aim of this program is to build character, sportsmanship, and physical fitness through a cooperative team effort.  The program will attempt to enhance each student's self esteem, teach the Christian values of respect and fairness, and develop athletic skills.  Emphasis will be placed upon team spirit and mutual consideration for one another.


Sports Eligibility and Policies

We uphold the concept that an athletic program is a cooperative effort involving students, parents, coaches, and other staff. Any student who wishes to participate in a particular sport, an is eligible (both academically and via the Honor Level program) to participate in that sport, will be allowed to compete.

Participation in athletics is a privilege which carries with it responsibilities.  Academics and behavior take priority over athletics.  Participation in athletics is dependent on the player maintaining good grades in all disciplines and good behavior in school (see eligibility guidelines).  Scheduled detentions are an obligation of the student athlete to fulfill and thus take priority over athletic practices and competitions.  Furthermore, any behavior subject to student probation, suspension, or expulsion will result in athletic ineligibility for a period of time determined by school administration.

Parent/Player Concerns - Administrative Recourse

There is a specific order for discussing athletic concerns.  That order is:

  1. Coach - The coach is the first person to discuss concerns about practices, games, playing times, etc.

  2. Aquinas Middle School Athletic Director - The Athletic Director is in charge of all middle school athletic programs.  This person should be contacted concerning issues not able to be resolved by a coach.

  3. Aquinas Middle School Principal - The principal should be contacted in situations when a parent/student is not satisfied with decisions of the Coach and Athletic Director.

  4. Aquinas Catholic Schools President - The President should be contacted in situations when parent/student is not satisfied with athletic related decisions of the Coach, Athletic Director, and Principal.

  5. Administrative Recourse - In situations when a parent/student is not satisfied with decisions made by the above list, the process of administrative recourse as outlined in the handbook should be initiated.


Sports Offered at Aquinas Middle School


Sports Schedules