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International Students


At Aquinas Catholic Schools, we realize the importance and value that international students bring to our school community! Our students have come from many countries, including China, Korea, Columbia, and Ukraine. We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing school community where our motivated students flourish in preparation for college and life. We love sharing our faith-based community with students from all over the world. Our goal is warm hospitality while achieving high academic success, in an environment of cultural exploration and understanding.  All international students who attend ACS must be highly encouraged academically and proficient in English. We have the authorization to issue the I-20 forms to our international students so that they may obtain their F-1 student visa. 

To qualify for international student enrollment, a student must:


  • Complete all portions of the Aquinas High School international Student Application

  • Meet all applicable legal requirements (both family and child)

  • Meet all the school’s requirements for admission

  • Provide an official transcript translated to English for all classes in grades 9-12 and grades for at least three previous years for those entering grade 9. ( Provide a Class Description Chart or equivalent explaining course content and weekly class time for each subject) 

  • Provide documentation of current immunizations and recent health evaluation


International Admission Information


  • Be in the United States on an F-1 Visa for the purpose of attending school

  • Demonstrate evidence of English Language proficiency through testing such as Toefl Jr. or other assessment

  • Participate in an interview with members of the admission committee, either in-person or via Skype or Google webcam. Skype interviews will be arranged between the International Coordinator and the applicant. 

  • Our schools DO NOT arrange for housing or host families. This is the responsibility of the referring agency.

  • Provide documentation of current immunizations and recent health evaluation.

  • Provide evidence of health insurance while in the United States. 

Admission Process

High School International Student Admission Process

1. Complete the AHS International Application:

Complete the Aquinas High School International Application. Click here for the Aquinas International Student Application.

  • Please submit transcripts that have been translated into English for any high school courses completed in grades 9-12 and at least 3 years previous education for grade 9 applicants.​


Please submit a syllabus or description of topics covered for any classes grades 9-12 that you would like used toward fulfilling graduation credit requirements (see attached Class Description Record which may be included in the hours are not listed on the transcript).This Chart should be sent in with your transcripts.


2. Applicants will be invited to a Skype interview with the AHS Admissions Committee:


Aquinas High School admissions committee will contact applicants to set up an interview. SKYPE, Google, or another video/audio interview format will be used.

3. Offers of admission will be sent within three weeks of the interview. 


Admission decisions will be sent within three weeks of the interview. If an offer of admission to Aquinas High School is made, you will have three weeks to accept the offer. After being accepted you will have 21 business days to send the nonrefundable $200 (US Dollars) registration fee in with your enrollment forms. Click here for Current International Tuition and Fees. After three weeks, we can continue to offer admission if room allows.

4. An I-20 will be issued by the AHS and the family or sponsoring agency must complete the process for an F-1 Visa.

Upon acceptance into Aquinas Catholic Schools, the student will receive an Enrollment Contract which the student will need to complete and return along with the registration fee. Once this has been received the I-20 process can begin so that the international student may obtain his/her F-1 student visa.


5. Send nonrefundable tuition payment by August 15th.

For more information on International Admissions please contact Rachel Feehan-Krause at 

Next Steps

Next Steps for Accepted International Students

Step 1
Working with one of the Aquinas High School counselors, accepted international students will select courses for the coming school year. Counselors will review completed courses from the student’s home country and help the student meet Aquinas High School graduation requirements while selecting courses that focus on long-range individual goals.

Step 2
Students are encouraged to attend a small informal orientation day just for international students several days before the start of the school year. Some of the topics discussed will include:

  • Uniform/dress code at Aquinas High School

  • The daily school schedule

  • Cafeteria and lunch

  • Clubs and extracurricular opportunities

  • Receive a tour of the building

  • Your questions are encouraged and will be addressed in a small or individualized atmosphere.​

Step 3

There are a variety of opportunities for Aquinas High School students to participate in clubs, sports, and service possibilities. Check the Aquinas High School Website for daily announcements and the monthly newsletter to keep up to date with instruction on how to get involved.

The newsletter and announcements can be read in their entirety on the Aquinas High School website The website is a great way to stay informed of important messages.


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