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Aquinas High School



Educational Background


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics, UW-Madison Masters of Arts in Instruction, St. Mary's University

Educational Experience


+ years with Aquinas Catholic Schools
+ years total teaching experience



I am originally from Fountain City. I graduated high school in the year 2000. I went to UW Madison and graduated in 2005 with a bachelors in math and statistics. I went to graduate school at St. Mary's University in Winona where I got my masters in instruction in 2006 and my teaching certification. I have taught at several other school district in and out of the La Crosse area. I am married to my wife Amanda. We have three boys: Alex, Ray, and Elijah.

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The class I teach are at a college level and are equivalent to math courses that a student might take at college. There are daily assignments for these classes which will require plenty of time outside of the classroom. The grades for these courses rely more on the tests than they have in previous math classes. Precalculus, and AP calculus should prepare students for what they will need to know and what will be expected of them in college math courses. Always come in for help or contact me for anything.


Precalculus - This course covers graphing and solving equations of various functions and other math topics such as trigonometry, sequence and series, polar coordinates, conic sections, and vectors. AP Calculus AB - This course covers the topics of limits, derivative, integrals and differential equations that are covered in a college Calculus I course. AP Calculus BC - This course covers the topics of limits, derivatives, integrals, differential equations and infinite series that are covered in a college Calculus I and II courses.




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