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Aquinas High School



Educational Background


My biography references my educational experience.

Educational Experience


+ years with Aquinas Catholic Schools
+ years total teaching experience



Mark Koehne, Ph. D. , Is married with four children and two grandchildren. Mark teaches Theology at Aquinas High School, La Crosse, WI, where he serves as Chair of the Theology Department and advises both IMPACT, Aquinas High School's Christ-centered, student-led community service organization (recipient of the Catholic Charities In My Name award), and Aquinas's Catholic Athletes for Christ chapter. Mark also co-coaches Aquinas's Boxing Training. In addition, Mark has taught or is teaching the following online or on-site undergraduate and graduate courses at St. Joseph’s College of Maine: The New Testament, Catholic Bioethics, Catholic Social Teaching, and Foundations of Moral Theology. Mark graduated in May, 2010, at Marquette University (MU) with a doctorate in Religious Studies with a Specialization in Biblical Theology and a dissertation on Biblical ethics. He studied Graduate Theology at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, IA (’94-’96), and Counseling Psychology at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN (’90-’93). Mark completed an MA in Theology (Systematic Theology Major) at MU (’90). He has instructed in Sacred Scripture, moral theology, bioethics, Catholic Social Teaching (CST), Church History, and Sacraments for over twenty-eight years, and has authored and implemented numerous programs at the diocesan, parish, and secondary school levels. In contribution to theological scholarship, Mark has authored one book (referenced regularly throughout the world), a chapter in another book, three college online courses, two articles, a professional paper, a book review, and several theology blog posts.

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My classroom environment emphasizes student religious art and contemporary news in the Church and in the lives of our students. Classes begin with individually greeting each student and praying. We also acknowledge student intentions and birthdays. Course content, faithful to the Magisterium, challenges students to think critically, even at the college level.


Christian Morality--students taking this will be able to apply God's revelation, natural law, and Catholic moral principles to make moral decisions faithful to God's will. Theology of Peace & Justice--students taking this will be able to assess social life in the light of the Last Things and Catholic Social Teaching. Church History--students taking this will be able to explain the origin, nature, and movements of the Church, as well as discuss some the great saints in Church history.




I draw great support, inspiration, and joy from my beautiful, wife, Kathryn, DNP, and from my children Lauren, Tim, Stephanie, Gabrielle, son-in-law Ryan, and grandchildren John and Lydia.

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