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Aquinas High School



Educational Background


Bachelor of Science: UW - LaCrosse, Microbiology, minor Chemistry, Pre-med emphsis Teaching licensure: Project Teaching NORDA Currently +21 credits of master's work: Clemson University, Human Biology

Educational Experience


+ years with Aquinas Catholic Schools
+ years total teaching experience



Teaching is a second career for myself. I have worked at the UW-Comprehensive Cancer Center (now Carbone Cancer Center) researching lung cancer. I have also worked in the a few hospitals at various capacities in the OB, Med/Surg and ER departments. I then went into teaching to bring my experiences into the classroom. I have taught Chemistry one year at Sparta when their teacher was deployed to Iraq, I have student taught at Black River Falls Middle School, and taught five years at Mauston, where I taught Physical Science, Biology, Zoology, RTI Physical science, RTI Biology and RTI Human Biology. I have now been at Aquinas High school the last four years teaching AP Chemistry and General Chemistry. I am a wife and mother to three wonderful sons, and I have three dogs. I love to garden, art, and be in warm sunny locations.

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I believe in setting high expectations for all students. With those high expectations I will work with the students and move their learning skills to the next level. My goal is not only to educate the student in the content of chemistry but also develop independent problem-solving, resilence and initiative.


AP Chemistry - This class is advanced, meaning the student may take the AP test in early May and can get college credit for it if the student's score is high enough. This class goes through the subject material very quickly and in depth. The expectation of out of classroom studying, going over powerpoint notes, homework and at least 16 laboratory written reports. General Chemistry - This class is a general chemistry content class. Please keep in mind there is a significant amount of math, mostly algebra based, in this content. Students will perform labs that enhance the topic being taught and be expected to have some homework everyday to do. This class goes at a pace that is slower and less indepth than that of the AP level. Health Class - This class covers topics of factors of health, common diseases and conditions, CPR and First Aid, mental health, legal and illegal substance abuse, and public safety.




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