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Educational Background


Bachelor of Science: UW-River Falls - Mathematics, Physics and Coaching


Educational Experience


+ years with Aquinas Catholic Schools
+ years total teaching experience


In the seven years I had been with Aquinas, I have taught 12 different classes from the math, science and business departments. I coached JV volleyball for 5 years and currently am the shot/disc track coach. I spend my time away from school working out and training, either for triathlons of marathons.


Classroom expectations: Do your work on time and take accountability for your work. Take time to understand what you are doing and don't rush just to "get it done. "


AP Physics - A algebra based college level entry course which covers kinematics, dynamics, work, energy, waves, and electric circuits. Students with a very strong math background and who would like to pursue a career in a science or a health based field are encouraged to take this class. Formal lab write ups are expected for the course. Students who take this class may earn college credit by taking the National AP exam in May. Physics - The course is a study of the physical world around us and the fundamental laws that govern the behavior of all matter and energy. This is more conceptual based, but a strong algebra background is helpful. Simulations, demonstrations, and labs are a main part of the course to show real-world examples of the topics being learned.


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