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Aquinas Catholic Schools

Educational Background


I am a 1979 graduate of Aquinas High School. My husband, Greg Kosmatka, graduated from Assumption High School in Wisconsin Rapids. Our daughters, Gretchen and Regina, graduated from Aquinas High School in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Gretchen is married to Scott and is a paramedic in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Regina is married to Kellen and is a Registered Dietician Appleton area. Gretchen and Scott have a daughter - Addison Mary - who is 6 months old and Regina and Kellen have a daughter - Isla Leanne - who is 1 month old. Time with family as a daughter to Erna Gallagher (father Don Gallagher graduated from Aquinas High School); sister to Mike, Steve and Jane Gallagher, all of whom graduated from Aquinas High School; and mother and grandmother are wonderful moments that I treasure!!!

My career in education has been as a teacher and administrator in the Diocese of La Crosse. I taught high school math, and served as Dean of Academics at Assumption High School in Wisconsin Rapids from 1984-2000. I was the first principal at Assumption Middle School in Wisconsin Rapids when it opened in August of 1999. I transferred to Aquinas Middle School as Principal in July, 2000 and served ACS in this role through June, 2017. I then served ACS as Principal at Cathedral School through June, 2022. I am currently the Director of Educational Services for ACS.

It is a privilege and honor to serve students, families and teachers as part of Aquinas Catholic Schools. My prayer is that I am able to make a difference every day in the life of a child.

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