Our Vision

Aquinas Catholic Schools, through its vibrant Catholic tradition, aspires to be the premier educational choice, empowering students to fulfill their God-given potential for the betterment of all.

Our Mission

Aquinas Catholic Schools is a Christ-centered family 

devoted to nurturing students of all faiths through educational excellence in its vibrant Catholic tradition.

Principal's Message

Welcome to Blessed Sacrament School, an Aquinas Catholic School, serving students in grades 3-6 and their families. I would invite you to visit Blessed Sacrament School to experience how our school can be a “safe harbor” for children in transition from early elementary school. I truly feel that the Catholic school is a natural extension of the family to embrace faith, educational, and social values. Recognizing that our faith provides the foundation for all learning; Blessed Sacrament School offers a quality and diverse curriculum delivered by a top quality, certified, Christ-centered staff. There is a true integration of faith knowledge, concepts, and dispositions into all of the academic areas. Students and staff share realistic faith experiences and practice the Catholic traditions to teach the deep and relevant history of the Church. Blessed Sacrament School offers a culture that fosters self-discipline. I believe that our school could make a difference for your student and your family!

I have chosen Catholic education as a vocation to be able to more fully practice and share my faith. My husband and I live on a farm in Genoa, WI with our two sons. We have chosen Aquinas Catholic schools for them as well. I believe that the Catholic school is a direct extension of the family and works to support parents in their role.

Mrs. Kay Berra
Blessed Sacrament 
Elementary School

Educational Background
Bachelor of Science: UW-La Crosse
Master of Arts Educational Leadership: Viterbo University

Educational Experience
34 years with Aquinas Catholic Schools
35 years of total teaching experience



Bishop Alexander McGavik announced the establishment of Blessed Sacrament Parish in June, 1937. Its first pastor was Monsignor Victor Plecity who was overseer of the building of a church-school combination building. The first floor of this building served as a temporary church, while the classrooms were occupied by 261 students. The first graduating class of Blessed Sacrament School was comprised of 30 students in June, 1939. The school was originally staffed by eight Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration from St. Rose Convent for grades 1-8. The Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration served Blessed Sacrament School until May, 1990.

An addition was built to Blessed Sacrament school in 1955 making the total number of classrooms 13. In 1967, the second addition to the school building brought new offices, a faculty room, three more classrooms, a library, and a gymnasium/auditorium. The last major remodeling of the building occurred in 1995 when a Library/Media Center, General Music, and Phy. Ed. office was constructed.

A half-day kindergarten program was added to the offerings at Blessed Sacrament School in 1985. In August 1992, the Catholic parishes of La Crosse, under the direction of Bishop John Paul joined together to open Aquinas Middle School to serve seventh and eighth grade students from the greater La Crosse area. Blessed Sacrament School would now house students in grades kindergarten through six. A full day, everyday kindergarten program was started at the school in 1993. In 2003, Blessed Sacrament School added a four year old kindergarten program to its offerings. 

January 1999 brought the announcement from Bishop Raymond Burke of the formation of Aquinas Catholic Schools to begin in August of 2000. Fourteen cooperating Catholic parishes of the area would work together to support and govern Aquinas Catholic Schools. St. Thomas More Parish School was closed with this announcement. In June of 2002, Holy Trinity School closed. After much consultation, February 2005 brought the announcement of a major change in the configuration of Aquinas Catholic Schools by Diocesan Administrator, Msgr. Richard Gilles. In the city of La Crosse, families choosing Aquinas Catholic Schools would for the 2005-06 school year enroll students, 4K through grade 2, at Cathedral School and students in grades 3-6 at Blessed Sacrament School. The decision included the closing of Mary, Mother of the Church School and St. James School. These difficult decisions have brought financial stability to Aquinas Catholic Schools. The fourteen Catholic parishes supporting Aquinas Catholic Schools and Bishop Jerome Listecki (installed in March 2005) believe in the mission of Catholic education and are poised to continue to insure the availability of Catholic education for the generations to come.



  • A natural extension of the family to embrace faith, educational, and social values.

  • Realistic faith experiences.

  • Practice of Catholic traditions and rituals to teach the deep and relevant history of the Church.

  • Recognition that our faith provides the foundation for all learning.

  • A “safe harbor” for children in transition.

  • Social justice teachings and experiences to form strong citizenship.

  • Fostering of self-discipline. Quality and diverse curricular offerings.

  • True integration of faith knowledge, concepts, and dispositions into all academic areas.

  • Atmosphere enhanced by a top quality, certified, Christ- centered staff!



Each year the students at Blessed Sacrament raise $1000 through Jeans Day donations and other activities to sponsor a child at the Diocese sponsored orphanage at Casa Hogar, Peru.

Our child this year is Maria.  María Fernanda, also known as MaFer, was born on November 24th of 2010 and is 8 years old. She came to live at Casa Hogar this February, 2015 and is part of the Rosario Family (Our Lady of the Rosary) along with her sister, Paula. She says she’s scared of ducks but loves cats. Her favorite food is soup with beans and she loves to play Playgos and on the scooter. When she grows up she wants to be a doctor.  MaFer is currently in kindergarten. She’s a very sweet young girl and has really bonded with an older member of the Rosario family, Daniela. She is still getting used to living at Casa Hogar and is a great addition to the family.  

Look to your family folder for opportunities to help MaFer!