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Aquinas offers a variety of extracurricular activities. Our award-winning programs are viewed as an extension of the classroom. We encourage each student to participate in extra-curricular as we believe this helps them become connected to their school.  We are proud of our students' achievements.

Aquinas High School students serve community needs through the National Honor Society and IMPACT, a student-created and student-led service organization. 


Aquinas High School students donate more than 7,500 hours of community service annually.


  • Agencies & Causes Benefitted:

  • Wafer

  • Salvation Army

  • Casa Hogar Orphanage (Peru)

  • Santa Cruz Mission (Bolivia)

  • La Crosse Area YMCA

  • La Crosse County Elderly Nutrition Program

  • Boys & Girls Clubs

  • Catholic Charities

  • Children's Museum

  • Riverfront

  • Goodwill

  • American Red Cross

  • Clare Bridge Cottage

  • La Crosse Life Chain

  • Birthright

  • Place of Grace

  • Mothers Club International

  • Catholic Relief Services

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • and more....

Mass & Sacraments

Weekly Mass
8:40am Tuesday

The Aquinas High School chapel is open throughout the day for reflection and prayer as well as optional daily morning liturgies.

Reconciliation is celebrated during the seasons of Advent and Lent.  Aquinas High School students may also receive the sacrament from the Chaplain upon request.

Special Masses
An All-School Mass is held for all students of Aquinas Catholic Schools on the Feast Day of St. Thomas Aquinas (January 28).

The Golden Mass is celebrated by the middle and high school students on the last day of school before Christmas.


AHS Current Newsletter
AP 2024 Exam Schedule


Dress Code

What you may wear on a regular School Day 


  • Any solid-colored polo with a collar, buttons, and sleeves. 

  • Any solid-colored neutral or dark dress pant. No denim;  No Leggings/Jeggings/Sweatpants. Pants must fit appropriately. 

  • Any tennis/dress shoes firmly attached to the foot. (No sandals, slippers or crocs are allowed)  

  • Any solid-colored or Aquinas logo Crewneck sweatshirt/sweater over your polo. No Hooded Sweatshirts 

  • During 1st and 4th Quarter knee length dress shorts are allowed (except on mass days).


What you may wear on a Spirit Day 


  • Any appropriate Aquinas top, hooded Aquinas sweatshirts WILL be allowed on these days only. 

  • Any clean solid-colored denim pants with no holes or tears or regular school pants.

  • Any shoes firmly attached to the foot (No sandals, slippers or crocs are allowed)    


Your Hair 


  • Clean natural colored hair that should not cover the eyes or face. 

  • Boys must have it cut above the collar in back, above the ears and above the eyebrows. 


Your Face 


  • Boys clean shaven 

  • Girls subtle colored make-up 


General School Guidelines on any School Day 


  • Piercings are restricted to ears only and should not be excessive.  

  • No hairstyles that are a distraction or hair that covers your eyes or face. No Mohawks, no mullets spiked hair, unnatural colorings or designs 

  • No tattoos displayed in school or at any Aquinas function, whether at home or away 

  • No hats or head gear in school 

  • No leggings, jeggings, sweatpants, athletic pants/shorts, or wind pants 

  • No open shoulder tops 

  • No stretch, spandex, or tight clothing 

  • No political signs/logos, commercial signs/logos, or group signs/logos 

  • No shells, sheer or see-thru materials 

  • No mustaches, beards, or long sideburns 

  • No chains or long ropes 

  • No beachwear 

  • No strapless or backless clothing 

  • Hooded Sweatshirts are no longer allowed during regular dress days. Aquinas hooded sweatshirts are allowed on spirit days only 

  • No jacket/vest during the school day, unless approved by administration 

  • Clothing, jewelry, and or grooming must not be a distraction, a potential danger/ disruptive to the learning environment. 

AHS Report Card

The Department of Public Instruction releases public reports for all public and choice schools and requests that all schools display these report cards on their websites. Below is an example of the 2021-2022 information that the report cards provide. Please note that Aquinas Catholic Schools and all private schools are currently NOT rated. The student achievement scores listed below are actually the average state scores for 2021-2022. Feel free to go to the site listed below to see the standings of all public and choice schools throughout Wisconsin.


Notice of Educational Options

Pursuant to Wisconsin State Statute 115.28 (54m), notice must be provided regarding the educational options available to all students who are at least three years old, but not yet 18 years old

Safe Environment

Every threat to human dignity and life is felt in the Church’s very heart.  It affects us at the core of our faith and requires strong preventive steps and responsive actions. 


Bullying policy

Aquinas Catholic Schools strives to provide a safe, secure and respectful learning environment. We will consistently and vigorously address bullying, including cyberbullying, to maintain the standards of a Christian community. Policies and procedures are described in our student/parent handbook.


Drug policy

The presence and use of drugs and alcohol present a clear and present danger to the health, safety, and welfare of all pupils and we take action to protect students from the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  Our drug policy is described in detail in our student/parent handbook.

Lunch Menu

Parent Organizations

Parent Association

Contact- Stephanie Gauger, email: phone: 608-385-5560

Music Parents Association

Monthly meetings, second Tuesday during the school year at 5:30pm

Contact- Erica Neumeister, email: phone: 608-498-9007

Athletic Booster Club-

Snow & Inclement Weather Procedures

Should weather conditions require the cancellation of school or bus routes, information will be relayed to parents and staff through the following media:


  • Channel 8 WKBT (CBS)

  • Channel 13 WEAU (NBC)

  • Channel 19 WXOW (ABC)

  • Channel 25 WLAX (FOX)​



  • 93.3 FM Z-93

  • 94.7 FM KCLH

  • 95.7 FM WRQT

  • 98.3 FM KQYB

  • 100.1 FM Classic Rock

  • 102.7 FM Eagle 102.7

  • 104.9 FM Magic 105

  • 106.3 FM CC 106.3

  • 580 AM WKTY

  • 1410 AM WIZM

  • 1490 AM WLFN

School Bus Routes

Local Routes: Public school bus routes for residents of the School Districts of La Crosse, Onalaska, and Holmen will continue to operate when ACS and the public school districts remain open.

Routes 90 (Ridge Route), 42 (St. Elizabeth Ann Seton) and 76 (Genoa) with direct service to Aquinas: These routes are chartered by ACS and will continue to operate when ACS is in session. Route 42 is an ACS route, even though some riders transfer at Luther High School, and will run when ACS is in session.

Bus routes that transfer at Luther High School (Routes 37 to Sparta/Tomah, 76 to La Crescent, 9 to Centerville/Galesville, 20 to Dakota/Nodine): Even if ACS is in session, there may be times when weather conditions do not allow the operation of these outlying bus routes. In those events, media will be asked to list ACS as open, but a school status of “Snow Routes” or “Buses on Main Roads Only” means that chartered routes that transfer through Luther High School will NOT operate that day. Parents should examine road conditions and determine if and when it is safe to consid-er alternative transportation. Absences and tardies due to the cancellation of bus routes will be considered excused. In the unlikely event that severe weather forces these chartered afternoon bus routes to begin early, students will be excused from classes in order to ride the bus. The school will contact parents, or the emergency contact provided by parents, to notify them if afternoon buses are running early.

Please keep this information handy for snowy mornings!

FACTS Financial Aid Application

Application and income documentation is required for the Aquinas Catholic Schools Tuition Assistance Scholarship. FACTS Management works with schools to create a custom application and collect financial data so schools can make accurate award decisions based on financial need. You may log into your FACTS user account to review the status of your application. Please allow at least two weeks for processing.

Snow and Inclement Weather Procedures
Dress Code
AHS Report Card
Safe Environment
Lunch Menu
Parent Organizations
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