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Educational Background


Bachelor of Science: UW - La Crosse; Mathematics Education Bachelor of Science: UW - La Crosse; Accounting


Educational Experience


+ years with Aquinas Catholic Schools
+ years total teaching experience


I graduated a few years ago with a degree in mathematics education and I was looking to be part of a school with a reputation for good education.


I do most of my teaching from a document camera; this is pretty much an old school overhead projector with the sharpie for writing. While I try my best to incorporate technology into my classroom, my class is heavily based on pencil and paper.


Algebra 1 - You have your basics of algebra. You have some review of pre-algebra and we delve deeper into graphing equations, exponents, and radicals. Algebra 3 - This has some review of Algebra II. You'll work with trigonometric functions by graphing them and working with their identities. You'll graph hyperbolas, circles, ellipses. We'll delve deeper into logarithms by alternating between logarithms and exponential functions. We'll end the year by learning about sequences and series. Stats - This semester course will be introducing you to the basics of statistics. You'll develop a basic understanding and delve deeper into confidence intervals. This isn't quite as involved as AP Stats, but it is still a good course for those thinking about taking another math credit. AP Stats - This is a course that aligns with the AP exam at the end of the year. You'll start with your basics of statistics and then you'll start making inferences about statistical findings. Details that will come up are averages, standard deviations, and proportions. Our findings usually refer back to these three items and that's where we make inferences about what these tell us.

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