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Aquinas High School



Educational Background


Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Education from UW-La Crosse Completed Computer Intensive Math program at Penn State University


Educational Experience


+ years with Aquinas Catholic Schools
+ years total teaching experience


I've been married 38 years to Diane.  We have 3 children together and our oldest daughter lives in Hawaii with her husband and two boys.  We have a son in La Crosse who is married and they have one daughter.   Our youngest daughter is a Junior here at Aquinas.  My wife and I both come from large families and we enjoy family gatherings quite often (less so during Covid).   My family is from Oshkosh and Diane's from Onalaska.  We enjoy hiking, kayaking, traveling, and spending time with family.  

Prior to ACS I taught 23 years teaching math at Central High School, 7 years teaching math at Logan High School, and 3 years teaching math at Stavanger American School (Norway).  This is my 6th year teaching at Aquinas - the first two years I taught Freshman Religion and have had my current classes since.

Fun fact:  I started attending Wood Carving Club here in La Crosse late this summer.  I have started carving out time to try my hand at that.


I expect students to be mature and responsible for their learning. This includes being respectful to others in the class and completing work on a consistent basis. I will be available as much as possible for students that have questions and need the extra time.  I post most everything on Google Classroom - work is there if students are absent.


Algebra 2 - A continuation of Algebra 1. Begins with a review from Algebra 1 and continues with different function families. The class also contains some trigonometry. 

Honors Algebra 2 & Trig - Similar to Algebra 2, but moves at a faster pace and covers more material. If you will be taking Pre-Calculus and Calculus, this class will better prepare you for them.




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