Aquinas High School and Aquinas Middle School



Educational Background


Bachelor of Science: UW-La Crosse


Educational Experience


+ years with Aquinas Catholic Schools
+ years total teaching experience


I grew up in Onalaska and learned to love the French language in high school. I studied at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, both Computer Science and French.


French classes are always fun-filled - we play plenty of games, watch French music videos, and get to know each other. I hope for students to come into French with a willingness to learn and accept other cultures and ideas.


I teach all levels of French from middle school through high school. Middle school courses introduce the language, focusing on the basics of conversation and verbs. 8th grade is a continuation from 7th and prepares students to enter into French 2 in High School. In the high school, we have French levels 1-5 Honors. Starting with an introduction to the language basics, we study a wide variety of vocabulary that can be used in day to day life, as well as advanced conversational topics. Each year, students grow their skills in conversation as well as composition and reading, studying a full novel in French 4. By the end of French 5, students will be prepared to enter an upper level course at a university. I also coach the school Robotics team - Team 4011, PiRobotics. We compete in FIRST Robotics. This is a competitive team that meets throughout the year to better our skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Student members are in 9-12 grade. We also always have a need for adult mentors who are interested in joining our team. Students and parents are encouraged to contact me if they have any questions.




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