Aquinas High School



Educational Background


I graduated from the "Foundations of Teacher Education" program at Western Technical College with an "Educational Assistant" degree 


Educational Experience


+ years with Aquinas Catholic Schools
+ years total teaching experience


I was born and raised in La Crosse with my younger siblings. We were all homeschooled up until I was halfway through 10th grade, when I transitioned to public high school. I crammed 4 years worth of credits into 2.5 years and proudly graduated from Logan High School. Afterwards, I worked in food service and traveled the country, gaining valuable life experience. I enrolled at Western TC three years after graduating high school and gained a degree two years later. 

Through college, I spent numerous volunteer hours working with several teachers at Hamilton/SOTA I Elementary, as well as Northside Elementary. After I graduated, I worked a part time job at Immanuel Lutheran K-8 school as an after-school-care teacher. I gained experience working with many kids at a variety of ages.


I am here to support and encouragement students to be productive and get their work done academically. Passing their classes is obviously very important, but in addition to that, I like to develop respectful, trusting relationships with students so that my classroom can be a safe space for them to feel comfortable and relaxed. School can be very stressful, so creating a welcoming environment of positivity and kindness are at top priority in my classroom.





Although my education and experience is more geared towards younger students, I am very excited for the opportunity to work with high schoolers and expand my horizons in the field of education!  Relationships with family, friends and God are of top priority in my life. I also enjoy nature, art, exercising, exploring new places and learning new things.

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