Cathedral Elementary School

Educational Background


Bachelor of Science Psychology:  UW-La Crosse

Master of Science School Counseling:  UW-Stout

As the youngest of six children, I spent my early years growing up in Chippewa Falls, WI where I attended Holy Ghost Elementary School. Just as I was entering Middle School my family moved to Waukon, Iowa where I graduated from high school. 


While attending UW La Crosse I took a course in childhood developmental psychology. I became very intrigued with the study of childhood human behavior and loved the thought of helping children. It was then that I decided that I would major in Psychology and would later earn my M.S. in School Counseling from UW-Stout.

I began my professional career with the Augusta School District. As an elementary counselor the gratitude and endearment seemed to flow from the smiling and sometimes teary-eyed faces of children. After several years, I followed these students becoming the middle/high counselor. I thoroughly enjoyed over 20 years working in Augusta.

My son Ryan is now a grown man working as a Mechanical Engineer. I am so proud of him and of the very sweet and goofy granddaughter he has given me. Sydney, who can usually be identified by the Ukulele or Violin she holds and loves to play in her spare time, is a very talented artist, and musician