The situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change quickly. All policies, procedures, and information are subject to change based on the advice of our local health department and/or the Diocese of La Crosse. Any and all changes are and will be effective immediately. It is important to keep in contact with your school and read all communications.

October 8, 2021 - COVID Protocol Update

Good Morning Aquinas Catholic Schools Parents and Guardians!

Here is another update on our Aquinas Catholic Schools community health and safety numbers.  

We currently have four cases (one teacher/three students) of COVID-19 at our Blessed Sacrament building.  The students, parents, and staff at Blessed Sacrament have received communication this week from their principal regarding those cases and the steps the school/system has taken. 

St. Patrick’s, Cathedral, our middle school, and our high school do not have any students or staff with the COVID-19 virus. 

I would like to remind everyone that these numbers can change very quickly.  Thank you for keeping your children home when they are not feeling well and for your ongoing support of our teachers, support staff and our building principals.  We are lucky to have such a caring and professional staff!! 


We will continue with our current COVID-19 protocols.  These procedures will remain in place unless there is more than three percent of any school student population with COVID-19. 


I thank you for your ongoing support,

Ted Knutson


Aquinas Catholic Schools

September 16, 2021 - COVID Protocol Update

Aquinas Catholic Schools Parents and Guardians, 

We have just completed our third week of school.  I am pleased to share with you that we have had only one reported case of COVID-19 in our PreK - 6th grade schools during this period.  We have had two reported cases in our middle school and seven reported cases in our high school during the first three weeks.  Thank you for your wonderful work in following our school protocols and for your ongoing support of your children, your teachers, and your school administrators. 


Beginning Monday, September 20th, we will provide an option for our PreK - 6th grade students to remove their masks while seated at their desk.  Students and staff will still be required to wear their masks at all other times in the building.  While we take this small step to relax the face-covering requirement, we still strongly encourage students to wear their masks in the classroom. 

Face coverings will continue to be strongly encouraged in our 7th-12th grade buildings but not required.  We also strongly encourage students to consult with their physicians to see if getting vaccinated is the right decision for them. 

These measures will remain in place unless there is more than three percent of a school student population with COVID-19.


Aquinas Catholic School Quarantine Protocol:


Aquinas Catholic Schools will notify families of identified close contacts.  Asymptomatic close contacts who have been confirmed to have worn a mask during contact will not be required to quarantine.  If you have received the COVID-19 vaccine you do not need to quarantine if identified as a close contact.


Unvaccinated students who live in a household where a positive case has been identified will be required to quarantine. 


*This protocol is subject to change.


If quarantine is needed, from the La Crosse County Health Department,

1) Quarantine can end after Day 10 without testing if no symptoms have been reported during daily monitoring.

2) Quarantine can end after Day 7 ONLY if the result of a COVID-19 test taken on day 6 or 7 is negative AND if no symptoms were reported during daily monitoring.

3) If another member of the household tests positive during the quarantine period and you are a close contact, the quarantine period of 10 or 7 days starts over.


Please contact the office if you have any questions or concerns related to quarantine.


Ted Knutson


Aquinas Catholic Schools

August 20, 2021 - COVID Protocol Update

Aquinas Parents and Guardians,


I wish to thank the many parents, students, staff and the Aquinas community for sharing your passionate thoughts, concerns and suggestions regarding our COVID-19 protocols.  


After listening to our Aquinas community, local healthcare providers and after careful consideration, Aquinas Catholic Schools will be adjusting our protocols and will be asking all P3-6th grade students to start the year with face coverings.  Our 7th-12th grade students are highly encouraged to wear face coverings but will not be required.  If you have received the COVID-19 vaccine you do not need to quarantine (unless you are living in a home of a positive case). You SHOULD monitor yourself for symptoms and wear a mask when in public.


It is the goal of Aquinas Catholic Schools to safely open our schools on time, face to face, five days a week, and to remain open.  We have determined the best way to meet this goal in our three elementary schools is to begin the school year requiring face coverings for our P3-6th grade students who are not able to be vaccinated.  We also believe that our 7th-12th grade student population have an extra layer of protection (vaccine) that our youngest do not.  We clearly understand that any decision addressing face coverings may disappoint some parents and students.  I ask for your support as we begin the school year.  


Aquinas Catholic Schools will continue to monitor relevant information provided by the CDC, Wisconsin Department of Health, the Diocese of La Crosse, the La Crosse County Health Department, our local medical providers, as well as other healthcare advisors.  Broad national guidelines may address areas in the United States with high transmission rates but may not be relevant to local conditions.  Local community conditions will be considered throughout our ongoing decision-making process.  We will be adjusting our protocols as our local conditions allow.  

You have our promise that our faculty and staff will be providing their very best at all levels regardless of the status of face coverings.  I pledge to communicate openly with you and make myself available to discuss your thoughts and/or concerns.  I can be reached at or by phone at 608-784-8585 ext. 5124.  


Thank you for your investment in your children’s education and support,


Ted Knutson


Aquinas Catholic Schools